Friday, August 2, 2013

Cookies for the Homeless - Make it a Sweet Shabbat!

.... EVERY Friday, right before Shabbat, go to your local bakery and ask if they have something for the homeless. 

Whether it's a dozen bagels, a loaf of rye or a few trays of danish and cookies - make it a sweet Shabbat for all!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

FBI Investigating JIDF, David Brotsky For Hacking, Fraud, Harassment

FBI Investigating JIDF, David Brotsky For Hacking, Fraud, Harassment

FBI investigates Brotsky for hacking, fraud.

By Karen Levy
Israel News Agency 

Jerusalem, Israel --- June 23, 2013 … The so-called Jewish Internet Defense Force or JIDF is being investigated by the FBI for computer hacking, fraud and criminal harassment.
The so-called JIDF was created a few years ago by David Brotsky who goes under several aliases on both Facebook and Twitter. Among them are David Appletree, David Pitch and The Jewess.

David Brotsky has attacked several leading, respected Jewish and Christian leaders and organizations. Among them are Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israel President Shimon Peres, the ADL, Nefesh b’Nefesh, Jewish Federations of North America, Christians United for Israel, The Jewish Agency and the IDF – Israel Defense Forces.

David Brotsky, who is an American citizen living on the Upper West side of New York is not an Israeli citizen, has never served in the IDF yet attacks those who do.

Brotsky has recently targeted respected Israeli journalist and international media consultant Joel Leyden and Israeli border policeman, Israeli anti-terror consultant Phillip Pasmanick.
“If there was ever a case of Lashon Hara on Facebook and Twitter which means libel and slander this is it,” says Joel Leyden

“He calls me a rapist and convicted criminal in blogs and other Websites. Now that would not be so bad if there were convictions or even court appearances involved. Brotsky, who hides behind proxy servers, attacks anyone who criticizes him and throws out venemous Disneyland charges in the process.”

Leyden adds: “But Brotsky's campaigns of libel and slander are nothing compared to his hacking of computers. He hacked one of my email accounts. How can I prove this? Because David Brotsky admits it in an email he sent to me and others. This crosses every red line.”

Leyden filed charges against David Brotsky with the Federal Bureau of Investigation this past week.

“As an Internet pioneer, there is very little that I have not seen on the Web,” says Leyden who co-created Israel’s first commercial Website back in 1995 and helped create the IDF cyber unit. Leyden has served as a senior consultant to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense.

“Brotsky, who has been banned at both Wikipedia and Facebook under his alias David Appletree, and has no support from any Jewish or Israeli organization, defines the essence of a cyber bully. He thinks that he can hide behind a computer screen and throw rocks at anyone he wants. Many people have asked him to stop his libelous attacks with no success. I have worked with the FBI before, they are pros at this kind of destructive, criminal behavior. I know that the FBI will put an end to this kind of malicious activity and seek out those who helped David Brotsky perpetrate these criminal and civil crimes.”

Alain Horoit, an entrepreneur and creator of the 55,000 member Hatikvah group on Facebook states: “We are living in an era where Internet has eased the possibility to bully and slander any group or individuals.” 

Horoit continues: ”This appears to have become the new trend and will reach new proportions despite bullying and defamation to be illegal and criminal. I recently created Stop Lashon Hara, a newly launched Website that will shed light on many false accusations which are too quickly and unjustly been spread on the Internet. If you too are a victim of online bullying, defamation or falsely accused, contact the Webmaster at

Israel border policeman Phillip Pasmanick: “The JIDF seems to be run by a someone who’s ramblings reflect a megalomania disposition. He often uses the same retorts or rebuttals (using fake names) against anyone criticizing him, or calling out his rampant online abuse. His targets, many who continue to work endlessly supporting & defending Israel may have been picked out because the JIDF has become impotent in the last few years (as seen by his continual re-posting of very old accomplishments) and they think that by eliminating us, they’ll ‘shine’ once again.”

Pasmanick adds: “There is no place for personal attacks and or slander in the Facebook community, Twitter or any public forum.”

This is not the first time that JIDF and David Brotsky’s had a brush with the FBI. Earlier this year the JIDF’s Twitter account posted several messages that claimed they wished to arm individuals in “every major city” and use vigilante justice against people who disagreed with them on the Internet, i.e. “trolls”. The threats have since been deleted from their timeline. Several people have apparently contacted the FBI and Department of Homeland Security in the United States.

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