Tuesday, September 2, 2014

President Obama Speech on ISIS Beheading Of Steven Sotloff

By Joel Leyden

IN THE TOTAL ABSENCE of any word coming from President Obama, I am sending this short, recommended speech to be broadcast from the White House:

"Good evening. My fellow Americans, it is with profound sorrow that I send my deepest condolences to the family of Steven Sotloff. To all Americans who have suffered at the hands of Islamic terrorism. OK, I said it. Islamic terrorism. I tried my very best since I was elected to reach out to the global Muslim community in peace. I have failed in this attempt to arrest their quest for a global Jihad.

Just a few minutes ago, I ordered the Joint Chiefs to attack and destroy every ISIS base in the Middle East. Let us pray for the safety of our troops. Let us pray for all good people everywhere, to embrace peace over war, embrace love over hate. To practice respect and tolerance for all races and religions.

Good night and god bless the United States of America."