Friday, February 28, 2014

Joel Leyden: How to Work with Google's New SEO, Digital PR Policy

New York, NY --- 02/28/2014 -- "Google has developed new guidelines for becoming number one on a search. Very few SEO, PR and online marketing professionals understand the new algorithms, but we can help," says Joel Leyden, CEO of Leyden Digital.

Joel Leyden, a highly respected Internet marketing, digital PR pioneer who consults governmental, commercial and non-profit entities states that there are new solutions for effective SEO and PR on the Web.

"Once upon a time, only a few months ago, all you had to do was buy a domain name with the right keywords in it, but that has all changed," says Leyden.

"The SEO and digital PR professional of 2014 needs to dedicate much more time and creative energy to place high in a Google search. One needs to hire an SEO, PR, marketing professional who has years of experience. One who understands the Internet marketing game and has proven results to illustrate."

"Yes, the Google search ranking game still begins with domain names with highly relevant keywords, but those Websites needs to be fully developed and placed on well established, respected Websites as Google will only accept quality backlinks."

Joel Leyden states: "One of the best places for B2B and B2C to get started is on Google News. The algorithms on Google News have not changed as dramatically as what we have witnessed on Google Web. To enter Google News one needs to be well versed in professional PR, knowing which media to approach and having professional writing skills to work with this powerful media turf."

"Having blogs and YouTube videos are important, having an effective presence on social media - Facebook and Twitter is critical, but of even greater consequence is finding an experienced and professional writer who can dedicate much more time on the Web today than what was required last year or ten years ago."

"SEO updates such as Google Penguin and Google Panda identify Websites which are not compliant with the new rules and will impose stiff penalties. If you don't understand the new Google SEO policies your Website can and will drop from page one to page eight. If your professional online marketing team understands these new requirements, you will secure potent, positive positions in a Google search. If one goes to the Yahoo or BING search engines, you may find search as it was a year ago with even cleaner results."

Joel Leyden concludes: "SEO and digital PR are not the simple marketing tools they used to be. Today if someone uploads an abusive Website or message attacking you and your company - you can try to ban them on Facebook or Twitter. But be prepared to retain an attorney to file papers in court ordering the malicious content to be taken down. Having a cyber attorney on your team and a budget allocated for legal fees has now become a reality in addressing cyber bullying. And don't forget to contact the FBI if you believe you are being hacked and or threatened. The FBI is on the front line of cyber crime and they are doing a very, effective job."

"The digital strategist of 2014 must integrate every asset of Internet marketing, must know every tree in the digital forest, is prepared to retain legal backup and has a large supply of coffee to produce an abundance of quality content."

About Leyden Digital PR
Leyden Digital PR was established in 1994, producing some of the first Websites on the Net.

Joel Leyden, who has received several awards and lectures on social media, has consulted governmental, commercial and non-profit organizations providing branding, reputation management, SEO and crisis communications from his offices in New York and Israel.