Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lack of Effective Israel Pr Creates Normalization of Terrorism

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

If you are outside the borders of Israel, it is doubtful that you will hear one word about Israel under attack. Whether it is Iranian made missiles slamming into Israeli towns in the South from Gaza or an IDF border patrol in the Golan Heights being ambushed by roadside bombs courtesy of Syria, it just does not make the news.

Sure, you may see AP or Reuters reporting it, but local TV, radio and newspapers in the US, Canada and Europe see it but don't use it.

Islamic terrorism and Jihad have become so frequent in and around Israel that these violent incidents are not considered news worthy.

Solution: Have the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs get the news out through their Consulates throughout the world. Oh ... their on strike because they don't get paid enough to feed their children.

Okay, then let's get the Jewish Federations to report the news on their Websites, send it out by email to their members and place this critical news in their local media.

Can we do that?

Or will we allow a normalization of terror to continue?

As terrorism becomes a perverse norm it encourages more acts of terrorism to occur.
We need to stop complaining and get the news of terror attacks on Israelis, on Jews into every Jewish and Christian Website, into the newspapers which decorate commuter trains, planes and Jewish events.

Where can we secure this news?
The IDF - Israel Defense Forces - Facebook and Twitter pages.

The war against Israel is not about Israel.
It is not about land.
It is about murdering Jewish men, women and children.
It is about Islamic Jihad that must be exposed.

Only the Jewish Federations have the manpower, reach and natural understanding to become Israel's external PR arm.