Friday, April 18, 2014

Was CIA Behind Fliers Demanding Jews To Register in Ukraine?

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

The CIA is one of the finest governmental organizations defending the US and Western values.
It's long, covert history is filled with creative, daring operations which have saved both nations and individuals. But if the CIA was behind the recent distribution of fliers in the Ukraine requesting Jews to register their property, it was an embarrassment to Western intelligence.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs can't say this, Mossad may address it directly and quietly with the US and the ADL is too politically correct to say "enough" to US INTEL. They will not say: "Do not use the Holocaust as a political card to secure support for this or that. It will only work against the Jews in the end where political games can turn into a nightmarish reality."

The Jews of Donetsk, Ukraine, were greeted on the eve of the Jewish holiday of Passover by three masked men. They were handing out fliers which looked very much like the official letterhead of the self-proclaimed, separatist Donetsk People's Republic announcing that all Jews must register with the government or face deportation and confiscation of their property.

As Abe Foxman of the ADL stated, Ukrainian Jewish leaders recognized the flier as a political dirty trick. But it was a trick which came close to working. The fliers were sent to an Israeli newspaper which gave it wide global exposure on the YNET English news Website. Someone knew that the Israelis would knee jerk and run with this. USAToday then picked up the story and used it as their lead headline on it's front page. European Jews of 2014 who were now facing another Holocaust became viral on Twitter and Facebook.

Kerry discussed it in Geneva and Jewish communities became alarmed.

Before writing this piece, I read over the Washington Post coverage.
The first comment at the bottom of the story stated:

"Our head of the CIA visits Kiev last week and brings along the paid contractors from Grey Stone, formally Black Stone, and one week later we have 3 mysterious hooded men handing out this bogus "Red Herring" leaflet in a pro Russian city where the last thing Russia would want is to be called anti-Semitic.  A cheap and poorly executed CIA ploy and distort the reality in Eastern Ukraine."

In the Intelligence community one uses whatever works.
As a Jew representing many other Jews whose families were murdered in the Holocaust - please do not use shadows of the Holocaust to motivate the global Jewish community. 
It will not work. 
We are not that stupid.

If this was not the CIA, which I truly hope it was because they can and will correct themselves, then we truly have a problem. We need to defend the Ukraine against Russian aggression, but please don't dare use the Jews as a sword and shield.
We will not tolerate it.