Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Joel Leyden: Why Is Social Media Critical For Government, Business?

By Joel Leyden

New York --- May 20, 2014 ... It appears that many but not all governmental, commercial and non-profit organizations are embracing social media. The days of print news are very numbered.
Who wants to read about a news story that happened over 24 hours ago when you could be tracking it live on Twitter or Facebook?

Transcending the news cycle, are the sheer numbers.
There are now over 700 million people using Facebook!

So if branding and real time messaging is important to you, ya got to be on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube with an anchor to a Website or blog.

Most of those still using conventional media are doing so because of ignorance or computer phobia.

Over 17 billion dollars in revenue is expected from social media advertising and PR in 2014 - at least half of that coming directly from mobile apps. From a retail B2C perspective - buying panties at Victoria's Secret to booking your next hotel - online marketing is the place to be.

Joel Leyden: Gartner Research predicts
social media revenue
will reach $34 billion by 2016.

For governmental organizations which are facing a political crisis - real information in real time pours out from both Twitter and Facebook to millions. Though Twitter blossoms during real time events and Facebook has become more of a feature news venue to upload photos and discuss it.

For commercial organizations, it could mean life or death.

Today, it is being reported that McDonald's says that its new "Happy" mascot will bring "fun and excitement" to its children's meals, but social media posts - real feedback that makes focus groups appear weak contend that the toothy, red box-shaped character will have the opposite effect.
Twitter responses to McDonald's mascot announcement on Monday complain that the animated red Happy Meal box, with its shark looking dark mouth and rows of large white teeth, is scary and will create nightmares for children instead of joy. McDonalds now has a real time branding, crisis communications PR situation which it must respond to on social media in real time on Twitter and Facebook. They need to get out a news release for Google News. They need to engage millions of children and their parents on social media.

You can be sure that Burger King is smiling. And if they are smart promoting their own friendly food products on social media to children during this crisis. You can bet they will be responding to McDonalds posts on their Facebook page. It's called market share!
Who is smarter? Who is more aggressive? Who's using social media to engage, promote and sell?

If you have a Website, it's not enough.
You need to create a Facebook business page.
And with that add a Google Adwords and Facebook advertising campaign.

You need to work it day and night.
You need to add new friends.
You need to network smarter and harder - even if that means hiring someone to be online for you 18 hours a day.

And let's not forget LinkedIn.com.
Great place to locate people and network for business.

The days of being found on a Google search are basically over. The results may not be real, irrelevant and even negative from a competitor. But when engaging with a live person on Facebook and or Twitter and seeing them in action on Youtube, then you know you have the real deal.

Only beware of avoiding getting hacked.
Make sure to click on Websites you are familiar with.
Never download apps you know nothing about.
And when it comes to donating to a cause - always get their real name, address and tax ID number before providing your own information.

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