Saturday, July 26, 2014

Town Hall Meeting - US Senator Chris Murphy - Israel's Right To Self Defense

Joel Leyden: "Israel wants peace, not rockets."

Town Hall Meeting - US Senator Chris Murphy 

"Senator Murphy, thank you for creating this Town Hall meeting. My name is Joel Leyden, a resident of both the US and Israel. My message for the US Senate is simple. Israel wants peace, not rockets.

My young children who live north of Tel Aviv hear air raid sirens multiple times a day. They have 15 seconds to find shelter. They then hear explosions above them and around them. My children have the basic human right to ask their parents and the Israel Defense Forces to defend them from Islamic terrorism. From Hamas missiles being launched unprovoked from Gaza into Israel. 

In my hand I am holding a copy of the Quran. No where in this Quran does the word Jerusalem appear. 

This is not about Israel, Gaza or so-called occupied land. 

This is about hatred for Jews and Christians. 

But more frightening than what we are experiencing in Israel is the pro-Hamas flag which is being held by "protesters" outside this High School in Connecticut.
Terrorism has arrived in New England. 

What is the US Senate going to do about this real and present threat?"