Friday, May 22, 2015

How I Became A Conservative (Thank You IDF)

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

New York --- US President Barack Obama said today that the US was winning in Iraq and Syria.

The Atlantic asked Obama if the US was losing the fight against ISIS, Obama said: “No, I don’t think we’re losing."

City after city is falling. Yesterday it was Mosul. This week, it is the provincial capital of Ramadi in Iraq and the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. 

More than one third of Iraq is now controlled by ISIS with ISIS now less than 100 miles from Baghdad. News anchors from CNN to FOX News are asking: "if this is not losing, then what does losing look like?"

The US has a President with no military experience.
A man who is a dreamer. A dangerous dreamer who refuses to engage an enemy which beheads Christian children.

Years ago, we had FDR who refused to take action. That invited Pearl Harbor.
Today, we have already had our Pearl Harbor - it's called 9/11. But Obama still refuses to defend innocents overseas from an enemy which has called for the destruction of the United States.

It's not an all or nothing proposition as Obama states. Again, his military ignorance screams out. We need boots on the ground but we do not need to be sucked into a long, drawn out war. We don't need to engage the enemy every hour of every day. The US military has rapid deployment forces, special forces which were just used for the first time under Obama in Iraq this past week. They go in, do their job and fly out. But Obama is reluctant to do even this. Obama is not a warrior. He is a lawyer. Perhaps he can sue ISIS and take them to the International Criminal Court.

Bottom line - do something. Do not tell the US public that we are winning when hard fought successful battles under George W., US lives that were lost to stabilize Iraq, are now being lost.

How can anyone ignore real and present danger?
This made me think about how I became a Conservative.

I was at IDF sniper target practice when suddenly I became very depressed. I stopped shooting. I was hitting bulls eyes shot after shot.

I said to my commander: "I'm killing people. I'm hitting bulls eyes and killing people with each and every shot".

He paused and motioned for me to walk over to him.

"Leyden, it's either you or him. What do you want."
These few words set all in perspective for years to come.

It became quite clear that sometimes you just can't reach out and discuss things.
There are times when negotiations do not work. And if you hesitate - you're dead.

I was born a Democrat. Always wanting to understand and help the needy.
I still help the needy but have learned that if someone is shooting at you or your family - shoot back.

Obama never learned this. Nor will he.
The Secret Service protects Obama. He need not worry for his family.

My children who live under Iranian threat of nuclear weapons and of ISIS knocking at their small, Israeli borders are at risk.

Jewish and Christian children who awake every day in the sleepy suburbs of the US are also at risk.

When you have a President who lives in denial of ISIS taking over the Middle East - one has to start worrying about dirty bombs exploding in Chicago, Miami, Denver and LA.

Allah Akbar has been heard in the US - from Boston and Texas to North Carolina and Denver.
I pray that it does not take more Islamic terror attacks on our heartland for you to become a "Conservative". 

You need not go through IDF sniper training.