Monday, August 31, 2015

Ernie Boch Jr., Joel Leyden At Massachusetts Trump Event

Ernie Boch Jr. and Joel Leyden enjoying Donald Trump,
good food and drink in Massachusetts.

As helicopters hovered above, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump visited the home of car magnate Ernie Boch Jr. for a campaign event Friday that had a warm, happy atmosphere rarely experienced in the often staid world of Massachusetts politics.

Trump was accompanied by a Norwood police escort as he arrived in a stretch SUV around 7:15 p.m. He was immediately mobbed by television cameras and supporters as he left the vehicle and headed toward a media tent, to chants of “Don-ald, Don-ald!”

Journalist, international media consultant and Trump supporter Joel Leyden applauded Ernie Boch Jr. successful effort to bring Trump to Massachusetts.

"They have much in common but yet are very different," said Leyden, who manages the and
"I think there is a tremendous amount of respect and trust between these two men."

Boch told Leyden that he was very pleased to have Trump meet his friends and campaign in the Boston area. Boch, a gifted musician, also mentioned that he would love serving under Trump as Ambassador to Canada.
"It's nearby and the Canadians are truly good people, the best of allies with the US."
If Boch does secure a position in Toronto, he could still fly back to Norwood and continue his annual good vibes Summer Bashes, offering steak, lobster, drinks, live music and an abundance of smiles.