Sunday, June 8, 2014

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu Thanks Border Police (MAGAV) Who Prevented Terror Attack

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem --- Part of the following was communicated by the Israel Prime Minister's Media Adviser to the Israel News Agency.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this afternoon (Sunday, 8 June 2014) visited the Border Police (MAGAV) Headquarters in Jerusalem and spoke with Border Police personnel and IDF soldiers who recently prevented terrorist attacks at Tapuah Junction.

"We assign you difficult and complex tasks," said Netanyahu. "You are called upon to maintain security and, at the same time, allow for daily routine, and this puts you in very tough dilemmas. You have proven an amazing ability to uphold both of these tasks simultaneously.  Of course, the first mission is to guard your lives and those of Israeli citizens, who are threatened by relentless terrorism and unending attempted terrorist attacks. We know this, it is not over; and signing this or that cease fire or treaty with Hamas, the PA (Palestinian Authority) and Islamic Jihad does not change it."

Netanyahu added: "We all pray for peace. The Jewish People have been praying for peace every day for thousands of years. Until peace comes, we will continue to strengthen you so that you – Border Police personnel and IDF soldiers – may continue to protect the State of Israel. In the end, this is what ensures our future and in the end, this is what will also bring peace."

"You are at the forefront against these terror attacks on civilians and I know, as a former IDF commando, that you need to make life and death decisions in a second. We have been there. We know it is not easy; therefore, we highly appreciate your accomplishments, because we know what you are called upon to do, and you do so in an exceptional manner. Israel and the Jewish people are very impressed by your resourcefulness and your daring. I congratulate you on these two actions that saved who knows how many Israeli lives - Jews, Christians and Muslims. Who knows how many innocents were saved thanks to your resourcefulness?"

Prime Minister Netanyahu told an IDF soldier who was wounded in action: "I know that sometimes it hurts. Know that all of us are binding up your wounds and embracing you among the defenders of Israel."

The Israeli Border Police was founded as the Frontier Corps, a gendarmerie under the IDF in 1949, with the task of providing security in rural areas and along the borders. In the course of the following years, it was gradually transferred to the command of the Police and became the Border Police.

During these years, it secured new settlements and countered infiltration of Palestinian Fedayeen, especially from Egypt and Jordan.

All border policemen receive combat training and in addition are also trained for counter-terrorism, riot control and policework. MAGAV police also train to become snipers, buggie-drivers, K9 unit dog operators and bomb squad professionals.

Because of their intense combat training, Israeli border policemen are employed in unique areas, where there are greater risks for riots, violence and terrorism. They serve throughout Israel, in Arab villages and towns (along with the regular police), near the borders and in Judea and Samaria.

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