Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vegetarian Vs. Carnivore - PM Netanyahu Congratulates New Israel President Reuven Rivlin

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

 Jerusalem --- Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Israel President-elect Reuven Rivlin ‘agreed to agree’ on Wednesday, embracing with a hug and a smile for the cameras. 

Formal congratulations from the Prime Minister to the President-elect were in order despite the fact that Netanyahu worked very hard to find a different Likud candidate for the office – and Rivlin knew it. 

They’ve been at odds for years in fact; but they’re both professional enough and smart enough to know they must now set aside those differences. 

Given the many political differences between Netanyahu and Rivlin, the two men actually share more in common than most admit. Both are adamant regarding Israel's security, a strong defense against Iran, Syria, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Both are wary of President Obama but warmly embrace US Congress and the US Department of Defense.

“The Prime Minister and I are committed to full and fruitful cooperation for the State of Israel and the People of Israel,” said Rivlin.

Netanyahu swallowed hard accepting the new President. He did all including an attempt to do away with the position all together and offering the job to Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel who doesn't even have Israeli citizenship.

The Prime Minister agreed. “We have known each other for several good decades. We are both from Jerusalem, the sons of professors who were educated in the philosophy of Jabotinsky and we have much more in common – such as our football team,” Netanyahu said.

“Joint work on behalf of all Israelis is before us. We have gone through much together and I am certain that we will now know to put the less good aspects aside and work responsibly for the future of the State of Israel.”

Facts about Rivlin.
Unlike President Shimon Peres, he does not believe in a two-state solution. 
However, despite his objections, Rivlin maintained he would not intervene in peacemaking efforts if the government should support the measure. His resolutely right-wing reputation has not alienated Israeli-Arab MKs, however, who were said to back the candidate on Tuesday.